Göteborg to Jönköping i december, hjälp


Hope you can understand English, as my Swedish is very limited. I’m travelling to Göteborg in December from the UK between Christmas and New Year, and would like to visit Jönköping and see HV play at home (for the 3rd time only) on the 28th. However, I’m struggling to find ways of travelling to and from Jönköping, particularly late at night after the game as there are no buses or trains late at night that I can currently find. Are there any HV fans in Göteborg that would like to go to the HV game by car on the 28th and take me along with you and bring me back after the game?

Would appreciate it so much!

Tusen Tack :slight_smile:

SJ (our main national train operator, sj.se) only releases their tickets about 3 months in advance, so check again on the 28th of September or later.

I looked a little at the 28th of November instead just the see what times are avaliable, as they are genreally always the same.

There is a train leaving Göteborg at 15:00, and arrives 17:02, which seems suitable (and no train changes needed).

Going back to Göteborg is a different story, though. The last train leaves at 22:04, with a change in trains at Falkköping C. With a game starting at 19:00 this could be tight, and should there be overtime i think you are out of luck of catching that last train. If you wanna leave after (or during) the third period either way, i’d also suggest booking a taxi during the day to make sure its avaliable when you need it to make it in time for the train.

The other alternative would be to book a hotel room somewhere and stay the night in Jönköping (and celebrate the win? :smiley:), or maybe some nice forum member will offer you their couch to crash on :wink:

There may be buses avaliable at later times, but i’m not familiar with what buses traffic that area though, as i don’t live in Jönköping unfortunately!

Hope you get to watch the game!

Thanks for the info. Yeah, getting to Jönköping isn’t a problem. The 22:04 train was the last one I found too on sj.se, and like you say, it’s cutting it fine for after the game. I would imagine a taxi would be quite expensive if the UK is anything to go by. Hotel, perhaps, but I have other travel plans from the 29th and 30th, and, alot of changing hotels, and trawling a big suitcase around the country isn’t fun :smiley: I think the last bus from Jönköping is at 19:25 or something…which isn’t exactly going to work :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully some kind Göteborg resident and HV fan can take pity and give me a lift back :smiley: But, will see what the hotel route is like vs maybe a car hire for a day or 2 in case there isn’t anyone else mad enough to do this trip.

All sorted, have a hire car for a couple of days which will make some other travelling alot easier too.

See you all at the game :slight_smile:

Hope you have a nice trip, and they win the game! :slight_smile: